Speak Like You're Chief of Staff to the President

January 26, 2024

Learn how to speak like you're the Chief of Staff to one of the most important people in the world - the President.

Speak Like You’re the Chief of Staff to the President

Everyone has seen those movies where the President of the United States is communicating to their Chief of Staff.

In this hypothetical scenario, I imagine the Chief of Staff usually says something like this as they’re walking with the President down the corridor, handing them their Presidential Binder:

“Good morning, Madame President. I’m ready to share with you your briefing for today.

Here is your Presidential Binder of all the things you have on your agenda, along with information to get you caught up to speed.

At 8:00am, you have a meeting with the Vice Secretary of Genovia. This is to discuss the upcoming Treaty. It will take place in the West Wing. I’ve included printouts of the key points from their most recent joint session in Congress.

I’ve also included a news article going over what the Vice Secretary said at their most recent Press Conference. I think you can likely reach an agreement on the Treaty if you discuss points X, Y, and Z.

At 9:15am, you will have a Press Conference in the Briefing Room. You will likely get asked these questions, so I’ve collaborated with ____ to put together FAQs and talking points you can use. I’d recommend looking it over and noting anything you think is incorrect or anything you’d like re-workshopped in narrative.

At 10:00am, you have a quick 15 minute photo opp with the students at the Appletown Academy for Gifted Children, down in the Presidential Garden. Your spouse will be there as well giving them a tour.

I’ve included a list of all of the things the students have been working on, the names of the main teachers accompanying them, and the kinds of questions you can ask them to connect with them. I’ve also made arrangements in your evening schedule to send them a thank-you letter, which I’ll have drafted and ready at your desk for your signature by then.

You have your daughter’s basketball game in the afternoon at 4:30pm. The Secret Service has already arranged to be here and pick you up at 3:45pm to help you and your spouse get safely to the gymnasium and get your seats.”


The reason I love the above scenario is because the Chief of Staff is on it and steps ahead of the President.

You, too, can be steps ahead of your exec.

Being steps ahead communicates one clear thing to your exec: My EA knows so much about my life, how I can look good, where I’m supposed to be and when, and what concerns may come up along with how I can address them - to the point where I trust this person so fully and deeply, I couldn’t possibly imagine my life operating without them.

This is a HUGE win! If you want to build trust with your exec, let this scenario be your dream scenario.


  • Be proactive. Have your own version of your “Presidential Binder.” It can be a physical binder if you’re in real life with your exec, over Slack in your Start of Day reports, or over a 15-minute daily standup.
  • Make that Binder create so much value for your Exec, that they can’t imagine a better way to start their day. Create this value by including all the information your Exec will want and need to know. This includes, where, when, what will make your exec look good, any concerns they may have and how to address them, and next steps. Ask yourself: What do they need to do? What do they need to get that work done? To be successful?
  • Speak respectfully and eloquently. Remember, you are at your Exec’s service; you are here to help. You aren’t here to be best buddies with them, unless they want the relationship to go that way - but let them make that move, not you.

Ultimately, it is your job to channel your inner Pepper Potts, or your inner Alfred the Butler. Good luck!

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