Regina Gerbeaux executive coach, founder, & operator

I'm the tactical, operations-driven coach for top-tier CEOs, operators, and investors. I'm also a founder passionate about food tech, and an operator obsessed with putting structure to chaos.

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Scale your company, team, and yourself through coaching

I am passionate about helping the most ambitious and talented founders through coaching. Whether you're pre or post product market fit, I help leaders and teams level up, create a strong foundation, and identify ways to scale.

Coaching for Early Stage Founders

I coach these founders on the fundamental building blocks of setting up their company for success.

Coaching for Growth & Late Stage Founders

Helping explore solutions to cultural problems, team alignment, and developing new products while growing existing ones at fast growing startups.

Coaching for investors

Connecting with investors and their portfolio companies to help them better understand the founder mentality

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Why do I need a coach?

If you’re a CEO or part of the Executive Leadership Team, many people report to you. Theoretically, they perform better because of it. But you likely report to no one — or, you feel like there isn’t anyone that can serve as your true thought partner with your best interest in mind.

When you work with a coach like me, I become your thought partner and have your best interest in mind. I will simultaneously encourage you while challenging your assumptions and thoughts when appropriate. I offer a safe place for you to tell me how you really feel about your company and team with zero fear of backlash. And finally, I give you no-BS, tactical advice that is immediately applicable.

What is the fee and what is included?

My monthly retainer is $10,000 per month. You will receive on average two (2) coaching sessions each month— sometimes we’ll meet more often when you need it; other times, if either of us have conflict, we might meet just once. It always averages out to about twice a month.

The retainer fee also means you can reach out to me any time via email or text, and I will always do my best to answer any questions you have. I purposefully remain selective of how many coachees I take on, so that I can offer this flexibility and availability to my coachees.

Finally, my coachees tend to love meeting each other. Many of you are in the same predicaments as other founders I work with, and being an exec can feel lonely. One of my favorite things to do is introduce you to people you would love meeting and vice versa. Being a leader at a startup shouldn’t have to feel lonely.

What do you teach?

First, many of the concepts I teach are captured in the Mochary Method Curriculum. Please feel free to use it with your team.  It is open-sourced.

Additionally, for anything not captured/co-authored in the Curriculum link above, I enjoy documenting tactical advice here.

Finally, I’m always discovering new write-ups to create through my time working with ambitious founders. My tactical advice page is ever-evolving with write-ups, posts, and templates you can use with your team. All of it is open-sourced.

What makes your coaching different?

I spent a long time crafting my coaching philosophy. You can read it here.

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Regina Gerbeaux

Who’s Regina Gerbeaux?

Regina Gerbeaux (@_rpgbx) is the executive coach to some of the fastest scaling startups in the world. She is also a founder currently interested in the food delivery and logistics space.

Regina was the first person trained by Matt Mochary (executive coach to the CEOs of Coinbase, Brex, and many more) in the Mochary Method Curriculum.

Her tactical templates and operational write-ups have been referenced and used by fast-scaling companies, including BioRender, CoreDB, dYdX, and many more.

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Get in touch

I love hearing from people who are interested in connecting with me! Please use this form if you’d like to contact me about working together in a coaching capacity.

In order to do my best work and be fully attentive to each person I work with, I only take a maximum of ten coachees at a time.

As a result, I am particularly selective with who I choose to work with.

You and I will be a great fit if…

  • You are the leader of your startup, or a part of the executive leadership team
  • You are interested in learning how to be an excellent, top-tier operator
  • Your company is a top performer in its class - some signals include being funded by top-tier investors, or you’re bootstrapped but cashflow positive and growing quickly

If this sounds like you, let’s meet and see if we’re a mutual fit. Even if we don’t work together, I have a list of coaches I admire and respect who I happily make referrals to all the time.

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