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Hi! This cheatsheet is related to my write-up on Proactive Resourcefulness.

A lot of our job as operators is playing the role of detective: getting really important information, fast, and using it to make good decisions.

This cheatsheet is an excellent way of finding all the key pieces of information you might need to get operational work done.

If you're an exec, please feel free to download and send to your Operators or Assistants so they can maximize your work even more.

And if you're an Operator or Assistant yourself... well, you've come to the right place. 😉



Please don't forget to be a good steward of the information you find while using this cheatsheet. Trust is the most important thing you can build and it takes a long time, but it's incredibly easy to break. Please use this cheatsheet for good, and don't do anything you wouldn't do if your exec didn't know. To read more, check out this write-up on Building Trust.

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Regina Gerbeaux

Who’s Regina Gerbeaux?

Regina Gerbeaux (@_rpgbx) is the executive coach to some of the fastest scaling startups in the world. She is also a founder currently interested in the food delivery and logistics space.

Regina was the first person trained by Matt Mochary (executive coach to the CEOs of Coinbase, Brex, and many more) in the Mochary Method Curriculum.

Her tactical templates and operational write-ups have been referenced and used by fast-scaling companies, including BioRender, Tembo, dYdX, and many more.

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